It became apparent to us, that whilst many users have an acquired level of computer experience, that level often falls short of operating efficiently. It is easy to fall into a comfort zone and dismiss learning new techniques. Many users are amazed that by learning new tips, their efficiency and confidence increases dramatically. By providing training for staff, companies are indeed in a win situation. Files and projects are organised and located easily, documents and presentations are prepared quickly and competently and the user is comfortable and pleased with his/her work output, allowing time to be spent on other tasks.

Most companies don't appreciate the amount of time lost by personnel trying to accomplish document formatting when they don't understand how to go about it. As long as the result is there at the end of the day, no thought is given to the time and cost that project takes to produce.

By providing one-on-one training, at your place of business or home, we are able to address the user's immediate needs and teach more efficient methods. We are able to take a beginner through to advanced or a computer literate person to a higher operational level.

Most training courses for personnel are expensive. Down time away from the work place, travelling costs and the cost of the course are some of the reasons companies tend to give low priority when they consider their personnel expetise as adequate. What they don't realise, is that by not up-skilling their users, it costs them more in the longer term. Attending a course for 1/2 day or 1 day with 12 - 16 in the class does not provide quality time, as does one-on-one tuition.

PC Win Systems will come to your place of business or home, and teach you or your staff on the computer and systems that you/they are familiar with and use daily. We recommend that each training session be no longer than 1.5 - 2 hours at a time, as it is a known fact that knowlege retention reduces substantially beyond this time. In addition it does not remove you or your staff from the work face for too long a periods.

What areas of Training do we provide?

Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/2000 and XP Operating Systems
The mysteries of the Windows Operating system fully explained. Learn how to manage the desktop, create shortcuts, add hardware/software, printers and how to change the appearance of Windows to suit you. Also learn file management including saving, transferring and finding files. Learn about maintenance of your computer and how to recover when thing go wrong. Tuition will give you an understanding of your operating system that will enable you to tackle most tasks confidently.

Internet and E-Mail
We provide tuition in Microsoft Explorer (Versions 5 & 6) and Micorsoft Outlook Express E-Mail (Versions 5 & 6). Learn how to set up your computer for easy access to the Internet. Learn about security, search engines, book-marking favourite sites, hyper-links and other important tricks to make your discovery enjoyable. Learn how to set options in Outlook Express E-Mail, how to send/receive messages, mange your incoming mail, add file attachments and an easy method to add addresses to your address book. Also learn how to send multiple mail outs correctly and about carbon copying messages.

International Roaming - set up to access the Internet and your E-Mail from any city or town in the world.

Microsoft Word Processor
Word 95, Word 97, Word 2000 and Word XP - from the basics of page set, formatting and styles to more advanced applications such as templates, form fill ins, mail merge, embedding Excell worksheets into documents, tables and charts as required.

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets
Excel 95, Excel 97, Excel 2000 and Excel XP - understand basic spreadsheets and layout, how to format cells and data, create workbooks and sheets and how to move around the spreadsheet. Learn the rules for creating formulae and their applications in achieving the desird results.

Microsoft Outlook Personal Information Manager
Cover all aspects of using and integrating the features of Outlook. Understand the correct way to input data into contacts so as to be used as a data base for merging into other applications.
Create custom user fields and templates to suit your business operation.

Microsoft Publisher
Publisher 95, Publisher 97, Publisher 2000 and Publisher XP - Find out the correct way to layup the publication using grid references to balance the finished article. Learn how to layer picture/text for that professional look to your flyer or newsletter.

Symantec Contact Management ACT
ACT 4 and ACT 2000 - Learn to create customised data fill in forms for your business. Create reports, faxes and letters and track history of customer contact. Manage scheduling of appointments and meetings, either personnally or across your network. Use your data base for mailing bulk letters, printing envelopes or mailing labels.

Symantec PC Anywhere
PC Anywhere 9 and PC Anywhere 10 - Learn how to be truely mobile from the office. Remote control of the distant computer, file transfer and syncronisation of files and data anywhere in the world.

Each training session is tailored to the needs of the user and to the level that you require to achieve. The benefit of one-on-one training at your home or business is that specific needs can be addressed without having to go through a structured program that may or may not be applicable to your requirements.

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