UnZip Files using WinZip
When we download files from the Internet they are generally in a zipped or compressed format. The reason why they are compressed is that they download faster as the file sizes are smaller.

However after download they need to be unzipped or uncompressed. To do this we need a zip/unzip program such as WinZip.

How do we know if we have WinZip installed on our computer? If the icon of the zipped file looks like this,              then we have the program already installed.

If you do not have WinZip then click here to download the program. It is easy to install and configure. I suggest you use "Classic View" when prompted.

NOTE: When you download programs/files from the Internet I suggest that you create a folder on your harddrive called "Downloads". When prompted to "Save to Disk" direct the path to the "Download" folder. That way you will always be able to find the program/files when the download is complete.


Right click on the compressed file to drop down a menu. Here you are given a couple of choices on how to handle the zipped file. We will use the option "Extract to Folder" first.
This is the easiest option as it will extract the files and put them in a seperate folder with the same name as the file. Just open that folder and all the unzipped files will be inside.

In this example a new folder will be created and it will be named "PC Win Demo"
That's it !!!! You have successfully unzipped the file/files.

In the second example we will use the "Extract to" option. This allows use to extract the file/files into any folder on our computer. Again right click on the compressed file and choose "Extract to" from the menu.

Just like windows explorer we can navigate to the folder we want, then click on "Extract". If the folder does not exist we can create a new folder by clicking on "New Folder" button (Bottom RHS). Note that the new folder will be created under the folder that you highlight in the dialogue box. In this example we will be extracting the files into the folder "PCWin Test"
In the screen shot below you can see that we have extracted the three Word Documents into the folder "PCWin Test"
When the files have finished being extracted you will get a GREEN light at the bottom righthand side of the WinZip program. You can now close the program and go to your folder to view the files.
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